Long Τerm Letting Services

  • Site survey your property (photos & measured survey)
  • Advice on your property’s upgrading and marketing strategy, e.g. refurbishment or redecoration
  • Advertisement of your property
  • Meeting with all prospective tenants on site
  • Screening the prospective tenants
  • Drawing up a tenancy agreement by our legal consultants
  • Submission of the tenancy agreement to the tax authorities
  • Register the new tenant with all the utility suppliers of your property

Additional Services

  • Producing the inventory of a furnished property
  • Issuing an ‘energy efficiency certificate’ (Law 3661/2010) by registered electrician in case your property is over 50m²
  • Issuing an ‘Licensed Electrician Certificate’ (Law 4483/1965) by registered electrician if your property has not been inspected by a registered electrician within the last 14 years (or 7 years for working and commercial spaces)
  • Arrange the insurance of your property

For more details or pricing information, please contact us.