Energy Efficiency Scheme

If your property has low energy efficiency grade and it lacks basic energy saving infrastructures, you can take advantage of the revised energy efficiency scheme ‘Save Energy at Home’. Funded by the Greek Government and the EU, it has successfully subsidized the energy efficiency upgrading of about 40.000 properties in Greece until now. The energy efficiency improvements make your property more attractive and promote its effective and proper exploitation, transforming it into a profitable asset.

Re-approach Greek Properties can undertake the entire procedure on your behalf and for the benefit of your property.

According to the Law 4122/2013, the subsidized percentage of the whole expenditure, ranges from 70%, for the owners whose annual personal income does not exceed the amount of 12.000 €, or their family annual income does not exceed the amount of 20.000 €, to 35% for the owners whose personal annual income is between 12.000-40.000 €, or their family annual income is between 20.000-60.000 €.

The total cost that can be subsidized is 15.000 € per property, and the scheme also applies to Greek owners who live abroad, as far as their property’s energy efficiency classification is equal or lower than grade D, and its value does not exceed the amount of 2.100 € / m².

The financed percentage of the expenditure is paid directly to the contractors of the project by the EU, through the Greek banks, whereas the rest of the expenditure is provided by bank loans with totally subsidized interest by the EU till the 31-12-2015. The owner though, may immediately repay his percentage of the remaining expenditure at once to the bank without any other obligation.

The energy efficiency upgrading refers mainly to the following interventions:

  • Wall insulation, Roof insulation, Floor insulation
  • Frames replacement (windows, shades, inner doors and entrance doors)
  • Upgrading/replacing of the heating installations with gas or other renewable energy installations
  • Upgrading/replacing of the installation of water heating systems with solar water heating or natural gas installations

as well as other vital interventions to your property that will upgrade its energy efficiency classification.

Our company provides consultancy, supervision and project management for applying “Save Energy at Home” to your property. We conduct the whole procedure on your behalf, prepare the project file of your estate, arrange for its funding, hire the contractors and the engineers to implement the energy efficiency scheme for your property and project manage all the necessary works until their final completion.

Finally, since we will be the formally registered consultants for your property’s energy efficiency project, part of our payment is met by the funding scheme itself, according to the provisions of the law.