Long Term Letting Services

With our extended network of clients and tenants, we can ensure a sound long term tenancy for your property, taking care meticulously of all its details and aspects regarding all the practical, financial and legal issues of the tenancy agreement.

Our design team will carry out a site survey of your property (photos & measured survey) in order to evaluate its current condition and give you any recommendations to improve your property’s rental value, including refurbishment or redecoration.

We will then proceed with the effective advertisement of your property to all relevant websites and newspapers and its promotion to our own website and network of clients.

While on the market, we will be meeting with all prospective tenants on site, in order to present them your property.

After screening the prospective tenants and selecting the most reliable, our legal consultants will draw up a tenancy agreement and then submit it to the tax authorities and the utility suppliers, in order to safeguard your interests according to the Greek legislation.

In case your property is furnished we will also produce the inventory of its contents.

If required by the Greek legislation, we can also provide your property with the necessary certificates by registered electricians, as well as with insurance packages at competitive prices by reliable insurance companies.